BloggingGhana elects directors on a yearly basis. We also have working groups. The directors for the year 2017 are:

Efo Dela


  • Chairing or delegating chairing of meetings
  • Overseeing all directors and projects
  • In charge of bloggingghana.org website and publisher of all newsletters


+233 24 455 9244


Efo Dela

Director of Projects and Strategies

  • Setting up, managing and running commercial unit
  • Identifying money making-opportunities.
  • Overseeing BloggingGhana’s office setup
  • Forming relationships with sponsors and partners in return for BloggingGhana services
  • Forming sub-committee to manage corporate services and clients.


+233 24 455 9244

Jerome Kuseh

Director of Finance

  • Manage BloggingGhana and project accounts
  • Prepare financial statements
  • Collect membership fees
  • Look for funding opportunities


+233 266 692 772

Benjamin Adadevoh

Director of Communications and Membership.

  • Coordinate BloggingGhana’s social media platforms
  • Produce newsletters with support from fellow execs.
  • Answer questions coming in on info@bloggingghana.org
  • Promote Blogging Ghana members.
  • Scout out good bloggers and invite them to join.
  • Increase membership & build an active community of members.


+233 50 3511 874

Naa Oyoo Kumodzi

Director of Programs and Membership

  • Develop yearly plan for events
  • Lead innovation on new event formats
  • Manage fortnightly events for BloggingGhana
  • Increase membership & build an active community of members


+233 54 433 7252

Mohammed Awal

Director of Welfare

  • Collaborate with other executives to promote Blogging Ghana’s Blogging/social media values
  • Solicit information,feedback and suggestions to improve the outlook of the organization.
  • Establish and maintain good relationships among members.
  • Liaise with other executives to secure partnerships that will enhance blogging/social media skills of members.


+233 24 354 1889