photoEyram is known in Ghanaian circles as the software entrepreneur whose mission is to bring Ghanaian folklore back to life by translating such local super heroes into games. Yes, games. So the next you hit keys on your mobile or manoeuvre your way through a 5-stage game, you may be doing it with Yaa Asantewa, Kweku Ananse or Obour, the characters, Africa’s first i-phone developer seeks to resurrect through gaming.

This initiative got unto Google Ghana’s radar, thus was selected as one of 5 Innovation heroes selected to lead the Innovation campaign in Ghana. These warriors are to spend some of their time and resources sharing their knowledge through workshops, talks and conferences, a process the Leti Games CEO is perfectly used to. In the past couple of months, Eyram Tewia and his team have participated in many events and projects which focus on training the next generation of Ghanaian innovators and thinkers. The young man’s focus has not only been on growing his business as Ghana’s biggest Gaming company, but on building an industry which will generate new job roles and titles in the field.

On 30th July, the Google Ghana Innovation hero spent his day with young engineers at the Takoradi Poly as part of the Innov@teGhana  programme supervised by Freda Yawson. Innov@teGhana is a two week workshop and a competition designed to encourage Ghanaian college students to apply their existing knowledge to developmental problems of today. By teaching concepts of Design for Development and Entrepreneurship.

Eyram shared his success story with the students who were tasked with coming up entrepreneurial designs as part of the project. At the end of his presentation, they had learnt more about his beginning, his team and mission for Leti Games. BloggingGhana as part of the Google Innovation Ghana projects will use its channels to throw more light on what the various Innovation heroes are up to and how you can be a part of this campaign. Follow the #InnovationGhana hashtag on Twitter, join their circles on Google+, watch their videos on youtube and give us a helping hand towards the achievement of this goal.


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