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blood 1On Saturday, 30th November, support the monthly blood drive at the Accra Mall from 9:00am to 4:00pm by giving a donation of blood. It is more important than ever to give blood during this period because blood stocks are typically lower in December and January. This is partly because there is an increased rate of road traffic accidents during the festive season. Your donation of blood can save a life. Giving blood is simple and safe, and your body will naturally replenish your donation within a few days.

Your next chance is on Friday, 6th December, ‘Accra Goes Red’ for Farmers Day. Come in all red and gift your blood at the new Blood Centre building on the Guggisberg Avenue (Korle-Bu), adjacent the Ghana Commercial Bank and ECG office, and very close to the Indadfa football park.

BloggingGhana is supporting the efforts of the Accra Area Blood Centre to save lives by meeting its target of collecting 2400 blood units per month. Currently 80-120 units are requested from the Accra Blood Centre every day with the centre supplying blood components to approximately 50 facilities in Accra, and in areas outside of the capital as far as Dodi Papase and Apam.

Kajsa Hallberg Adu, Chair of BloggingGhana and blogger on says,

“I feel especially passionate about the need for each and every one of us to give blood. Mothers who suffer complications from delivery often need blood. It is not good enough to say that I will give blood when a relative or friend needs it. We should all
give blood regularly to save a life.”

Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah, from the award winning blog ‘Adventures From’ also said,

“ People die needlessly when we allow our blood stocks to run low. Each person can make a difference by giving blood to save another person’s life. Join the blood drive at the Accra mall on the 30th of November and support Accra to go red on farmers day.”

Maama Aba Daisie who blogs at ‘Through My Looking Glass’ says,

“You never know when you or a loved one will need life-saving blood. A hero would have provided the blood in stock for your needs so why not be someone else’s hero? With the holidays approaching and its implications, let’s all give the gift of life during the festive season and do our bit for mother Ghana.”

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Credit : Nyani Quarmyne

On Friday 13th December at 16:00 – 17:00 GMT, join @awdf01 the twitter handle for the African Women’s Development Fund, (AWDF) for a twitter conversation on African philanthropy with @TheoSowa , AWDF’s Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the African Grantmakers Network (AGN). Let’s talk about African philanthropy, how we give back, build communities, and strengthen institutions. Let’s talk about women in philanthropy. Let’s talk about African grant makers.

Join us in this conversation by tweeting your questions on Friday 13th December, 16:00-17:00 GMT to @awdf01.

Share your thoughts on African philanthropy with the hashtag #AWDFChat


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On Wednesday 20th November, this year, BloggingGhana will bring together different players in the Ghana e-commerce space to deliberate, discuss, debate and strategize. A few things makes this engagement attractive to the stakeholders and main players. Paypal4Ghana 1 First of all, as part of this discussion, BloggingGhana will put together a road map document which will be forwarded to the Ministry of Trade and Innovation, to b considered when the Ministry finally drafts its white paper on the issue later this year. Secondly this has become a discussion people are interested in because it has a direct link to the problems faced by a good number of Internet users in the country. Users are often frustrated when a service or product they want to access only take paypal as a payment option. Lastly, Google Ghana providing some support to this movement goes a long way to increase the interest of the many people who have expressed interested in pushing this agenda. The discussion will mainly take place on Google Hangout on Wednesday from 1-3pm. At the same time the discussions will be extended on twitter to engage the thousands of other Internet users who would want their voices to be heard. The hashtag which will be used on Twitter is #Paypal4Ghana. The road map document has already been created on Google Doc. BloggingGhana through this engagement seeks to populate this document with the inputs and outcomes from the discussion. Participants will be given commenting rights to add their voices to the action items which will be drafted during the event. Obviously, with this, we are moving several steps away from hosting just “talk shops”. Invitations have been sent to developers, bloggers, consumers, online shop owners, e-commerce experts, e-payment owners, mobile money managers etc to be a part of the @Paypal4Ghana dialogue. The need for this discussion arose when Samuel Darko vigorously started pushing for Paypal to list Ghana on its platform. This action has pushed many other discussion in different fora. One thing is clear though, Internet users need some form of payment which will grants its users the convenience paypal offers. You can sign up for the Hangout here. Hope to see you on Wednesday for what promising to be a deal-breaking discussion. If you won’t be available for the Hangout, there is an option to sign up for the twitter version here.

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l&a (232 of 326)

Last month, by kind courtesy of one of our sponsors, Blu, 4G Internet service provider, we brought you a twitter discussion between Edward and Nana Darkoa who represented the two sides of Feminism. If you missed it, we storified the encounter in this post. This month, will throw more light on dating and relationships in Ghana. We got in touch with Kuukuwa Manful and asked her what she looks out for before choosing her ‘prospects’. Probably not too long after this announcement, we will push Kuukuwa harder to put her ‘wish list’ on paper. Based on her list we will look into our network and see if there are any bold men out there who are willing to take their chances.

Have you ever been on a date? What are the qualities you look out for in the person? Do you consider religion and tribe as key ingredients? What about educational standards and employment history. Join us via the hashtag #BeLieveUme as we pick the brains of some ladies and gents in our network. We hope Kuukuwa will lead us to some answers. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for what her take in.


This post is part of Blu’s LiveBlu Forum, a social commentary on work-life balance in Ghana. Join the discussion at: #LiveBlu #BeLieveUme or sign up here to try turbo-charged internet powered by Blu.

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Innovation Ghana Logo (1)
We have had awesome blog submissions for our #InnovationGhana competition, so much so, that we are having a terrible time picking the top three blogs! However, we have been very thorough and managed to select what we believe to be the top three and this is where you come in. We need all you amazing people to help us select the winner for this competition from the poll below!

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This post is part of Blu’s LiveBlu Forum, a social commentary on work-life balance in Ghana. Join the discussion at: #LiveBlu #BeLieveUme or sign up here to try turbo-charged internet powered by Blu.

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Ananse Superhero Comic on Leti Center

Leti Arts releases pilot issue of Ananse superhero comic through Leti Center mobile app.


 Accra, Ghana – October 18, 2013:  Leti Arts, an interactive media studio with offices in Ghana and Kenya, announced today the release of Ananse: The Origin, the pilot issue of the comic for their superhero series, The True Ananse.

The True Ananse, is a Leti Arts digital comic and mobile game series influenced by the African folklore character from Ghana, Kweku Ananse, a character of trickery and cunning.

Leti Arts reimagines the story of Ananse with a unique twist depicting Ananse as a superhero in modern times. The pilot issue released today is the first issue within the story arc, Ananse: The Origin, which focuses on the origin story behind some important characters in the The True Ananse series.

“ Long ago, Ananse, the god of Wisdom is banished onto earth as a cursed statue of his totem, the spider, by Odumankoma, Ruler of the Skies for treason. Fast-forward to today, the cursed statue of Ananse is discovered and worshipped until fate brings Ananse and an innocent boy, Selasi Rockson together, his vessel for reawakening.

The True Ananse is part of the bigger Leti Arts’ Africa’s Legends series. Africa’s Legends reimagines popular African folklore and historic legends, interspersed with fictional characters, as an elite group of superheroes fighting crime in present day Africa. Comics and games based on the Africa’s Legends series tell the stories behind individual characters and the collective team.

Leti Arts distributes their digital comics and mobile games through a mobile app, Leti Center, to serve content to smartphones and advanced feature phones.

The Leti Center also provides consumers a unique and enhanced experience for reading digital comics from Leti Arts. The app will be updated with new comics and games via push notifications when a new issue or version of their favorite games or comics are available.

The goal of merging the past with the present in a format that is exciting and compelling is to encourage younger generations to be genuinely excited to learn and read about African history and culture. We believe making history and culture in education relevant through interactive content is a better long-term bet for preserving our heritage.

We aim to make the Leti Center the must have mobile app to access the best African themed comics and games worldwide. We are excited to have launched this in Ghana and are even more excited by the prospects which lie ahead including TV shows, movies and merchandise.

Eyram Tawia (CEO, Leti Arts)

The Leti Center is currently available for two platforms, Android and Java phones. It is available as a FREE download from the Google Play Store and as a direct download from the Leti Arts website for Java devices. It is coming soon to the Windows Phone Store, Nokia Ovi Store and Apple’s iOS App Store.


To get more info visit

About Leti Arts

Leti Arts develops cross-platform interactive media products based on African history and folklore, including digital comics and mobile games. As one of a handful of interactive media studios in sub-Saharan Africa, Leti introduces global audiences to African storytelling.

Leti Arts has offices in Accra, Ghana and Nairobi, Kenya, and was founded by Eyram Tawiah and Wesley Kirinya.

Visit us on http://www.letiarts.comFacebook, Twitter and Google+

About The True Ananse

The True Ananse is a superhero series from Leti Arts influenced by the African folklore legend from Ghana, Ananse. In The True Ananse, Leti Arts reimagines the story of Kweku Ananse, the trickster, and depicts him as a god turned superhero in modern Africa.

Follow The True Ananse on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Contact: Nana Kwabena OwusuLeti ArtsPhone: 020.121.5655Email: 19 Banana Street, Ambassadorial Enclave,East LegonAccra
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1275151_620544437996864_1550862092_oLast Friday, October 04, 2013, Ghana’s app developers met at the yearly TopApps Award Ceremony to give recognition to app developers and companies which have excelled in the software space across the country. The event took place at the renowned Kofi Annan Center of Excellence bringing together both government officials and private sector business persons.

Among the award categories for this year were eGovernance App, Finance App, SMS App, Web App, Social App, App Company, App Developer and 10 more others which will be revealed in the rest of the post. The nominees in these categories spanned 3-month old companies to 8-year old companies. The competition, though wide really came down to a matter of usefulness and relevance to the Ghanaian society.

The event was graced by the presence of the Deputy Minister of Communication, Hon. Victoria Hammah, who was glad about the feat software developers in Ghana have attained and reiterated the support of the government for the activities of the private sector.

The awards ceremony then took off. The winners of the various categories are listed below:

·         Top App 2013 – MPower Payments

·         Mobile App – Nkyea Twi Phrasebook

·         SMS App – Infoline, by Nandimobile

·         Web App – MPower Payments

·         Social App – Farmerline

·         Entertainment App – iWarrior, by Leti Games

·         Most Innovative New App – MPower Payments

·         Top User Experience App – MPower Payments

·         Utility App – Retail Tower

·         Finance App – MPower Payments

·         Health App – MoTeCH

·         Education App – MyPassCo

·         eGovernance App – 233Law, by Yougora

·         Agriculture App – Esoko

·         App Developer – Eyram Tawia, of Leti Games

·         App Company – SMSGh

It was a great time to see innovation among Ghanaian software developers as they won these awards. For the nominees who didn’t win, this was an assurance that the Ghanaian community was aware of the good works that had begun and a great encouragement to them also.

TopApps Award is powered by PopOutGh, led courageously by Maximus Amertogoh. Earlier this year, PopOut Ghana’s BoxBuzz was nominated among this year’s participants for DEMO Africa event to be held in Kenya later this year.


There’s absolutely a lot of innovation coming from young Ghanaians all across the globe, and this is championing the course as Ghana continues to be known as one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

The InnovationGhana project is an initiative by The Ministry of Trade and Industry with support from Google to get Ghanaians to appreciate the use of the internet and its impact on the Ghanaian economy.


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This month we will bring to you a special version of our online debates. For the first time, and probably, the  last, we are putting @nas009 and @ttaaggooee on the same platform to present their cases  for and against Feminisms. In the week of the 22nd Oct, you should expect to see these two bloggers come face-to-face on an issue they have debated debated for ages. Today at 2:33pm, the two debaters are expected to submit their addresses  on the BloGh blog for you to study and understand their opinions on this matter.

  • Debaters : @nas009, @ttaaggooee
  • Date : 22nd Oct 2013
  • Topic : Feminisms
  • Hashtag : #BeLieveUme
  • Referee : @BloggingGhana

This special edition of our online debate is sponsored by Blu Telecommunications. Blu is Ghana’s premier LTE telecommunications provider which makes it possible for you to get the most out of your social, personal and community interactions by providing internet at dramatic speeds. At the heart of this vibrant, proudly Ghanaian company is the desire for all Ghanaians to make the most of each moment through the power of technology.

You can follow the hashtag #BeLieveUme for more updates on this debate.


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