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Software Developers in Ghana to meet at DevCongress


Dev Congress

The tech landscape in Africa is increasingly becoming a hotspot for the world with tech entrepreneurs rising from Africa to rub shoulders with the best of the world. South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, Nigeria and Ghana currently lead the trend, with Kenya positioning itself as the tech hub of Africa.

With the job markets flooded with job vacancies for software developers, it is increasingly becoming quite obvious that the budding tech scene in Ghana must be given all the push it needs to fill in both the human capital development and economic empowerment gaps created as a result of the under supply of the demand. This is where Developer Congress comes into the picture.

Software developers in Ghana can and should be able to match developers from any part of the world. The reason for the current deficit, some believe,  is two fold. First of all, the developers in Ghana are not very well resourced to develop their full potential. The level of exposure is also too narrow. This inadvertently dovetails into the second reason; lack of confidence.

The Concept

DevCongress, as its sworn mission, is to provide an enabling community for software developers in Africa, beginning with Ghana, to be exposed to the rich resources that will enhance their skills and build confidence. The team intends to achieve this mainly through conferences. At these conferences, they will bring highly experienced developers to share their experiences and expose the audience to new and better ways of getting things done, have hands on sessions to hone in the skills. In addition, they will offer  a number of speaking slots for individuals who are not necessarily experts to speak on any aspect of software development they are passionate about in the bid to grow their confidence. This is  the principal objective of Dev Congress; to build developers’ confidence.  Hence their tagline: Developing developers.

Their objectives are very simple;

1. To build confidence among software developers in Ghana and Africa for that matter by giving them the opportunity to share what they know and to challenge them to do more. In short, build a reputation among the developer community.

2. Expose developers to a rich array of resources by which they can develop themselves to international standards and make global impact.

3. Contribute to open source projects that have great social and economic impact on their country and the software development scene. Leave a legacy.

4. Harness the combined talent and resources of the local tech community to create solutions to national problems which will be open source and jointly owned by all participants.

At the maiden edition of their congress, dubbed dev:congress{2013} coming off at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology the attendees will have the opportunity to pose hard questions to a panel of experts on the state of electronic payment in Ghana and the technologies currently at the disposal of developers, take a deep dive into version control (using git mainly) and explore Chrome developer tools among other exciting sessions. They will be launching two major projects that will keep the developer community engaged till the next congress, hopefully next year. Curious what these project are? You will only need to be at the conference. Registration is free by the way.

Is this yet another developer group springing up only to die in a fortnight or at best have three or four active people? They think not. They claim it will be the most vibrant developer movement across Africa.

Well, such boldness usually gets rewarded eventually. Shall we rally around them and make it happen? Yes we should. And you can start from here.

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