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1275151_620544437996864_1550862092_oLast Friday, October 04, 2013, Ghana’s app developers met at the yearly TopApps Award Ceremony to give recognition to app developers and companies which have excelled in the software space across the country. The event took place at the renowned Kofi Annan Center of Excellence bringing together both government officials and private sector business persons.

Among the award categories for this year were eGovernance App, Finance App, SMS App, Web App, Social App, App Company, App Developer and 10 more others which will be revealed in the rest of the post. The nominees in these categories spanned 3-month old companies to 8-year old companies. The competition, though wide really came down to a matter of usefulness and relevance to the Ghanaian society.

The event was graced by the presence of the Deputy Minister of Communication, Hon. Victoria Hammah, who was glad about the feat software developers in Ghana have attained and reiterated the support of the government for the activities of the private sector.

The awards ceremony then took off. The winners of the various categories are listed below:

·         Top App 2013 – MPower Payments

·         Mobile App – Nkyea Twi Phrasebook

·         SMS App – Infoline, by Nandimobile

·         Web App – MPower Payments

·         Social App – Farmerline

·         Entertainment App – iWarrior, by Leti Games

·         Most Innovative New App – MPower Payments

·         Top User Experience App – MPower Payments

·         Utility App – Retail Tower

·         Finance App – MPower Payments

·         Health App – MoTeCH

·         Education App – MyPassCo

·         eGovernance App – 233Law, by Yougora

·         Agriculture App – Esoko

·         App Developer – Eyram Tawia, of Leti Games

·         App Company – SMSGh

It was a great time to see innovation among Ghanaian software developers as they won these awards. For the nominees who didn’t win, this was an assurance that the Ghanaian community was aware of the good works that had begun and a great encouragement to them also.

TopApps Award is powered by PopOutGh, led courageously by Maximus Amertogoh. Earlier this year, PopOut Ghana’s BoxBuzz was nominated among this year’s participants for DEMO Africa event to be held in Kenya later this year.


There’s absolutely a lot of innovation coming from young Ghanaians all across the globe, and this is championing the course as Ghana continues to be known as one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

The InnovationGhana project is an initiative by The Ministry of Trade and Industry with support from Google to get Ghanaians to appreciate the use of the internet and its impact on the Ghanaian economy.


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182114_490787014270842_1230738598_nIts possible to turn your hobby into an income earning job. That is exactly what I did 3 years ago and by turning my love for crafting accessories into a fashion accessory business.  Whilst browsing online, I came across some lovely fabric brooches and a thought came to me on how these would look lovely in African print. I also got thinking about how there were less fabric fashion accessories on the Ghanaian market and how cool it would be for every Ghanaian woman to own one of these in their jewellery collections.  I then researched on how these were made and got started. My friends loved it! After giving most of it away as gifts, I realised the potential of turning this into an income-generating hobby. I got started by building a Facebook Page and uploaded quality photos onto the page. Within weeks my fanbase quickly grew. I then realised that creating an online shop would be so much better for better management and also for the fact that I had a full time career going on. I attended a Google Plus event organised by +GoogleGhana and I heard of a new Google product called GetAfricaOnline where small businesses could sell & display their products. I signed up that evening.

My products are all handmade fashion accessories. They range from brooches, hair accessories, Peter Pan collar necklaces, pocket squares to unique gifts like journals. Gradually, I am adding more lines to the products such as throw pillow covers and journals. I envision a home where the African fabric is celebrated in various ways imaginable. I market my products via the web using Social Media. My current tools are Facebook Pages, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest where I update and upload content unto these platforms whilst engaging with my fans and clients. I use my personal blogsite to also market the products and to blog on how the products are to be worn etc.


I have been managing this online business for almost 2 years now and I have employed an intern to manage the client database and enquiries. My plan is to train the local porter women to enable them to gain the right skills to earn a better living.  

The challenges I am facing involves the cost of shipping to international markets and online payment services. This challenge however will soon be overcome by a partnership the business is entering with ShopAfrica to assist businesses like mine in shipping and payment services.earring

The business was awarded Innovation Hero by #InnovationGhana an initiative of the Ministry of Trade & Industry in recognition of businesses using technology to promote their business this year in May. The future looks very promising as more Ghanaians continue to purchase quality Made In Ghana goods to support the local industry.

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photoEyram is known in Ghanaian circles as the software entrepreneur whose mission is to bring Ghanaian folklore back to life by translating such local super heroes into games. Yes, games. So the next you hit keys on your mobile or manoeuvre your way through a 5-stage game, you may be doing it with Yaa Asantewa, Kweku Ananse or Obour, the characters, Africa’s first i-phone developer seeks to resurrect through gaming.

This initiative got unto Google Ghana’s radar, thus was selected as one of 5 Innovation heroes selected to lead the Innovation campaign in Ghana. These warriors are to spend some of their time and resources sharing their knowledge through workshops, talks and conferences, a process the Leti Games CEO is perfectly used to. In the past couple of months, Eyram Tewia and his team have participated in many events and projects which focus on training the next generation of Ghanaian innovators and thinkers. The young man’s focus has not only been on growing his business as Ghana’s biggest Gaming company, but on building an industry which will generate new job roles and titles in the field.

On 30th July, the Google Ghana Innovation hero spent his day with young engineers at the Takoradi Poly as part of the Innov@teGhana  programme supervised by Freda Yawson. Innov@teGhana is a two week workshop and a competition designed to encourage Ghanaian college students to apply their existing knowledge to developmental problems of today. By teaching concepts of Design for Development and Entrepreneurship.

Eyram shared his success story with the students who were tasked with coming up entrepreneurial designs as part of the project. At the end of his presentation, they had learnt more about his beginning, his team and mission for Leti Games. BloggingGhana as part of the Google Innovation Ghana projects will use its channels to throw more light on what the various Innovation heroes are up to and how you can be a part of this campaign. Follow the #InnovationGhana hashtag on Twitter, join their circles on Google+, watch their videos on youtube and give us a helping hand towards the achievement of this goal.


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