Welcome to BloggingGhana

BloGHstory by Qaphui

BloggingGhana’s history by member @Qaphui (2015).

 BloggingGhana (BloGh) is Ghana’s biggest organization of bloggers and social media enthusiasts, producing content out of Ghana or the Ghanaian experience.

We have a mailing list where we discuss group matters and share blogging tips and links.  Although most of our bloggers reside in Ghana, some also live outside its borders. Since the first meeting in 2008, when eight bloggers met, we have met at least once a month. We have met in different locations in Accra to educate ourselves about the city, but since October 2015, we most often meet at Impact Hub Accra.

We have an aggregator website (under revision) which collects posts from our members. One year after the first meeting, we had more than 3,000 posts written on 61 blogs. Two years later, we had more than 5,870 posts written on 74 blogs. Today, eight years later we have around 100 paying members and too many blogposts to count!

We do projects such as Inform Ghana, GhanaDecides and One Simple step, we collaborate with other organization and cover events. We also do trainings on social media and organise our yearly BlogCamp and Blogging and Social Media Awards.

Since June 2011 we are a registered non-profit organization with a executive council working towards the following objectives:

  • Serving as a forum for bloggers in Ghana to network and exchange ideas
  • Building capacity among bloggers in Ghana
  • Accessing new audiences for our blogs through a mutual website (aggregator) and other activities
  • Promoting citizen journalism in Ghana
  • Educating the general public in Ghana on the opportunities of social media