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Ghana Blogging & Social Media Awards 2016



The Ghana Blogging & Social Media Awards 2016 is the fourth of its kind and recognises blogs, bloggers and netizens who produced and published compelling content related to Ghana in 2015. The awards process and timeline is as follows:



The Blogging Ghana and Social Media Awards 2016 has 18 categories and focuses primarily on original content and compelling storytelling. The categories are:

  • Best Blog
  • Best Blogger
  • Best New Blog
  • Best Organisational Blog
  • Best “Emerging Niche” Blog
  • Best Post of 2015
  • Best Facebook Profile (Individual)
  • Best Facebook Page (Entity – Group, Organisation, Public Figure, Company, etc)
  • Best Instagram Account
  • Best Twitter Account (Individual)
  • Best Twitter Account (Organizational or Group)
  • Best Youtube Channel (Artiste)
  • Best Youtube Channel (Individual or Organizational or Group)
  • Artiste with Best social media presence
  • Public Official with Best Social Media Presence
  • Media House with Best Social Media Presence
  • Organisation with Best Social Media Presence
  • Best Google+ Page [Dropped during shortlisting due to lack of competitiveness]




The awards process and timeline is as follows:




Long ListNominations received from the general public

Short ListFinal nominees selected during internal committee review

Selection Criteria & Guidelines

Judging Panel

Public Vote Deadline: Wednesday April 13, 2016 at midnight GMT


All queries about the awards should be sent to the Awards Committee at