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A Lifetime Commitment To Teaching Science

”Science is such that it has to do with everyday life and it can do much for the country…” — 

Sakara Salia

Mr. Sakara Salia has been teaching for thirty-three years. Currently, he teaches a class of thirty five students. Mr. Salia comes from a family of twenty five. He resides in Tamale and teaches at the Kanvilli RC School Complex. Mr. Sakara has always wanted to be someone who trains children and today he has achieved that dream.

He always wanted to be a teacher, following in the footsteps of his father who was also an educator. He started school at Sakasaka Experimental and the impressive teaching of his teachers fed his love for teaching. After attending secondary school at GHANASCO, His dad encouraged him to go to training college in order to achieve his dream. He enrolled in Bagabaga training college and was posted to a school in 1986.

Mr. Sakara Salia believes that science is apparent in our everyday lives and can help develop the country. “We should be serious with science such that we will churn out people who will be meaningful and come out to produce [technology] to make our nation a better place.”

Mr. Sakara draws inspiration from training students by taking them through practical concepts. What he enjoys most about teaching STEM is how his students are involved in the lessons. The joy of imparting knowledge to students keeps him motivated in his profession. As a teacher who will be retiring soon, he is gratified when he watches the batch he has taught leaves, and a new one arrives.

When he was informed of the JUNEOS Challenge, he went through the syllabus to find a catchy topic. Eventually, he and his students settled on the periscope for their experiment. Mr. Sakara’s students focused on demonstrating of the reflection of light using a periscope. 

Through his participation in the JUNEOS challenge, Mr. Sakara’s teaching has gained a more practical aspect, which has made his students more attentive to his lessons. As a result of this, they are able to  demonstrate what they learn and understand the material very well. Mr. Sakara Salia explains that this helps them to become people who pay attention to detail in real life.

Mr. Sakara Salia involves himself in STEM communities. He has been a member of BSTEM for 2 years and is also a member of the Ghana Association of Science Teachers (GAST). This gives him the opportunity to enhance his knowledge and skills and to also receive assistance anytime he encounters problems during teaching in class.

Mr. Sakara would like to encourage his colleagues in other schools to participate in the JUNEOS Challenge because it will improve their teaching skills and enhance the knowledge of their students.

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Kofi Konadu Berko is passionate about education and youth development. He holds a B.A in Adult Education and Human Resource Studies from the University Of Ghana. His works have been published in the historic Afroyoung Adult anthology titled Waterbirds On the Lakeshore, Adabraka: Stories From the Center Of the World, Tampered Press and the Kalahari Review. He blogs at 


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#HowToBlogSeries FinalIs  “Start a blog” on your 2016 to-do list? Do you have a vision for your blog, but no idea how or where to begin? Are you simply curious about blogging?

Today is your lucky day. Circumspecte and One Baobab present the #HowToBlogSeries Beginners’ Workshop as part of Blogging Ghana’s BlogCamp16 cycle.

According to statistics from the International Telecommunications Union, the percentage of Ghanaians using the internet grew from 12.30% in 2013 to 18.90% in 2014  – that’s an increase of 6.6% in a year! But that’s not all, key projections indicate that Africa’s internet user population is set to increase further!

What this means is that more people, more businesses, more employers, more opportunities are moving online. More importantly, it means that you have the chance to get online too!

What can you expect from the #HowToBlogSeries Beginners’ Workshop?

  • An overview on what to consider before taking the plunge
  • An introduction to key social media and blog platforms
  • Live demonstrations on creating a blog using two popular platforms
  • Expert advice on the technical and not so technical elements of blogging
  • Tips and tricks

Ready to get your blog on? Sign up for a two-hour session on February 18 at 5pm GMT for 50GHS by completing the form below or click here. Register by February 4, 2016 – space is limited; the early bird gets this particular worm.


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BOP land

One of the leading drama and theatre Productions Company in Ghana, Globe Productions, has given the strongest indication yet to thrill its cherished patrons with super-exciting and exhilarating performances over this Christmas. It’s a season of re-enactment on stage of Latif Abubakar’s flagship plays that have won universal praise and high commendation. Dubbed the Best of Plays (BOP), the series of rib cracking, music infuse and dance electrifying plays will feature actors such as Adjetey Annan, Ecow Smith-Asante and Naa Ashorkor in plays namely What Can Come Can Come, Thank God for Idiots and Divorce or Suicide. Divorce or Suicide and What Can Come Can Come will be staged live at the National Theatre of Ghana on 23rd and 24th December respectively. Thank God for Idiots will also be staged in kumasi on the 26th at the Golden Tulip Hotel and on the 27th of December between 5pm to 8pm each night. Speaking to journalist in Accra, the playwright and producer, Latif Abubakar promised patrons of spiced-up performances of plays and entreated all to attend with families and friends. To him, happiness is a God given right that all must seek to embrace. “That’s precisely the mission of Globe Productions, to keep touching lives and making people happy. To help them appreciate life by distressing themselves from the exigencies of the times”
Mr. Latif Abubakar thanked the partners of Globe, namely Starr FM, Graphic Showbiz and Citi FM for their invaluable support.
Best of plays is a must watch this Christmas season and a perfect Christmas gift to Ghanaians as they wind up the year on a happy note, don’t miss out! Below are the synopses of the plays
Frank, the poor unemployed graduate grew up not knowing who his father was. Anytime he asked about his father, his mother said “Your father is dead, not exactly dead but dead”.
Now an adult, Frank meets and falls in love with the daughter of Mr. Arthur, a man who’s “Yentie Obiaa” attitude led to an early retirement and a drain on his finances. Yet, Mr. Arthur doesn’t mind his kind: an egoistic proud man, if rich, to date his daughter rather than poor Frank.
Does Efua give in to the rich man and her dad’s pressure?
How does the story of Frank’s father being DEAD NOT EXACTLY DEAD BUT DEAD” unfold?
Divorce or Suicide is a story of Ms. Speechless who on the verge of dying is saved by Mr. Wimbledon. She marries him out of convenience and soon after, their marriage hits the rocks. They seek help from Paapa, the pastor who, in fact is Mrs. Wimbledon’s ex. Meanwhile, Mr. Wimbledon secretly consults a fetish priest for kpakpakpa solutions, guess what? The fetish priest is also Mrs. Wimbledon’s ex. Eeeeei…Divorce or Suicide? What will be the option and who triggers it.
What will you do if your wife falls in love with the pastor in charge of saving your marriage?
Imagine a young couple who are living large because the husband has inherited his late brother’s property. Despite all they have, expressing their emotions to each other was a big problem. One midnight, in the midst of a heated argument they heard a knock. Who is visiting them at this ungodly hour? Is it the ghost of his late brother or who? And what should the couple expect?

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It was yet another successful ‘By The Fireside’ event and the attendance this time was undoubtedly double that of the maiden event. Was it because of the content for the night; sex & relationships? Definite crowd pullers then. P.G Sebastian & Nana Darkoa Sakyiaama our two storytellers took the ‘stage’ to share their most popular blogpost and what prompted them to write it.

Why I Walked Out On Him by PG Sebastian a prolific blogger and speaker on marriage & relationships was first to tell his story. He shared how this post was inspired by a conversation he heard or overhead from a lady on her phone. His content which is mostly founded on Christian values & principles for marriage, was presented with very practical life examples.

byThefireside3.0-16Why should you walk out on a guy even if he has proposed to you? Is he living in the now or has plans for the future? If he is always hanging out with his ‘boys boys’ or always buying the latest gadget or car then he’s living in the now and doesn’t have any plans of the future. Walk out. Does he only talk about football instead of family? If he’s always talking about Chelsea or is very focused on Keeping Up With The Kardasians then walk out. He obviously doesn’t have much to talk about with regards to the future. For a moment some members of the audience in their excitement yelled ‘Amen’ in congruence with his energy.

‘Sexing Whilst Feminist’ was next by Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah, owner and award-winning blogger of Adventures From , a sex blog. She launched into how Adventures From started out and what sexing whilst feminist meant.

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The countdown to Ghana’s official Christmas party has begun in earnest with the announcement of the acts for the Citi FM Decemba 2 Rememba Concert, #D2R2015.

With the concert less than one month away, the minds behind the year’s most anticipated musical concert, 97.3 Citi FM and Airtel Ghana – The Smartphone Network, have revealed the first batch of performers that will take the stage during the concert at the Accra International Conference Center on Christmas Eve, 24th December.


The Ghana Music Artiste of the year and Afrodancehall star Stonebwoy Burniton, the #Telemo hitmaker Gasmilla, award winning ace Hiplife artiste Kontihene, Ghana’s most powerful music trio VVIP, talented engineer, rapper and vocalist E.L. and the sensational Fante rapper Pappy Kojo will take the stage during the concert to thrill patrons and usher Ghana into the Christmas festivities.

New entrants Atom and Wisa Greid shall join the hot line-up to thrill fans with their ‘Yɛ wɔ kurom’ and ‘Ekiki Me’ hits respectively.

Ghana’s most sought after music trio VVIP will give patrons a night to rememba with their chart-topping singles and their timeless collection of classic Hiplife songs.

Stonebwoy and Kontihene were adjudged best performers at last year’s event by fans. With the crafty Gasmilla, energetic and timeless VVIP, talented E.L. and new sensations Pappy Kojo, Atom and Wisa Greid on the bill, who would emerge the fans favorite performer 2015?
#D2R2015 has some awesome packages for fans. Fans get the chance to win free tickets, souvenirs and more from headline sponsors Airtel Ghana and get to introduce their favorite performers on the night by participating in the Biggest Fan Competition.
To participate in the #D2R2015 Biggest Fan Competition, record a short video of you singing your favorite song of any of the artistes on the bill. Share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #D2R2015, and tag @Citi973 and @AirtelGhana.
Decemba 2 Rememba 2015 (#D2R2015) comes off on Christmas Eve, December 24 at the Accra International Conference Center.
Dress code is white tops and blue jeans.

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blood 1On Saturday, 30th November, support the monthly blood drive at the Accra Mall from 9:00am to 4:00pm by giving a donation of blood. It is more important than ever to give blood during this period because blood stocks are typically lower in December and January. This is partly because there is an increased rate of road traffic accidents during the festive season. Your donation of blood can save a life. Giving blood is simple and safe, and your body will naturally replenish your donation within a few days.

Your next chance is on Friday, 6th December, ‘Accra Goes Red’ for Farmers Day. Come in all red and gift your blood at the new Blood Centre building on the Guggisberg Avenue (Korle-Bu), adjacent the Ghana Commercial Bank and ECG office, and very close to the Indadfa football park.

BloggingGhana is supporting the efforts of the Accra Area Blood Centre to save lives by meeting its target of collecting 2400 blood units per month. Currently 80-120 units are requested from the Accra Blood Centre every day with the centre supplying blood components to approximately 50 facilities in Accra, and in areas outside of the capital as far as Dodi Papase and Apam.

Kajsa Hallberg Adu, Chair of BloggingGhana and blogger on says,

“I feel especially passionate about the need for each and every one of us to give blood. Mothers who suffer complications from delivery often need blood. It is not good enough to say that I will give blood when a relative or friend needs it. We should all
give blood regularly to save a life.”

Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah, from the award winning blog ‘Adventures From’ also said,

“ People die needlessly when we allow our blood stocks to run low. Each person can make a difference by giving blood to save another person’s life. Join the blood drive at the Accra mall on the 30th of November and support Accra to go red on farmers day.”

Maama Aba Daisie who blogs at ‘Through My Looking Glass’ says,

“You never know when you or a loved one will need life-saving blood. A hero would have provided the blood in stock for your needs so why not be someone else’s hero? With the holidays approaching and its implications, let’s all give the gift of life during the festive season and do our bit for mother Ghana.”

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