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BloggingGhana’s Corporate Services unit specializes in using BloggingGhana’s rich experience and networks in the social media space to serve the digital marketing needs of organizations. BloggingGhana has more than 200 local and international bloggers in its network who are willing to push your message to their audience. The Unit provides the following services.

Creation & Managing of Social Media Platforms
With more and more consumers going online, it is imperative today for businesses and institutions to create an online profile in order to capture the attention of their target audience who spend time online. BloggingGhana specializes in creating and managing the online profiles of organization on the following platforms. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Blog.
By going for this option you get the following offering;

1. Providing you with a dedicated account manager who will have periodic meetings with your team to finalize the message you intend to put out on your various social media pages.
2. Meeting mutually set metrics such as number of followers, number of likes, traffic etc.
3. Running online ads on your behalf by identifying the best platforms, target audience and times for your brand.
4. Running campaigns by including different bloggers in our network.

Brand Awareness and Activation
BloggingGhana has built an audience around its Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages. This has made the organization a first choice for brands which intend to reach influential social media users.
By going for this option you get the following offering;
1. Activation on Twitter by running online discussions with a hash tag chosen by the client.
2. Publication of press release or blog posts by top influencers within our network.
3. Publication of client’s content on blogs in Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Jamaica, US, Kenya, Mali, UK and other nations within the BloggingGhana network.
4. Online activation and awareness creation on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Coverage of events and launches
BloggingGhana’s dedicated bloggers have covered dozens of events in the past. Clients who are interested in creating as much buzz on social media as in traditional media are welcome to request for the services of our bloggers.
By going for this option you get the following offering
1. A minimum of 2 bloggers who will attend the event and publish 2 blog posts each on the event.
2. Publication of more than 50 tweets by each blogger to create more awareness about the event.
3. Arrangements can be made for a photo blogger and/or videographer to attend and cover the visual aspects of the event.

Product Reviews
Bloggers in BloggingGhana span from a wide range of categories. Categories include, health, sexuality, technology, health, food, hair, parenting legal, politics, etc. Our bloggers are available to use, review and provide write-ups on client products on their blogs for their audience to review and understand.
By going for this option you get the following offering
1. Bloggers in your selected category to post a review of the product, service etc.
2. A follow-up discussion on Facebook and Twitter to analyze to expose the benefits of the service.

The organization’s unit, depending on the client’s taste can create banner, pictures, videos .
By going for this option you get the following offering
1. A package of between 2-4 banners created to be used for the online promotion of your brand, product, event.
2. A package of 100 pictures of the client’s services, products or company for online promotion.
3. A 5-8min video of client’s services, product or company to be posted BloggingGhana’s social media pages.

Social Media Monitoring
BloggingGhana uses the best social media monitoring software to monitor, analyze and review its clients’ brand and competition. Depending on the client’s requirements, results and summaries of the monitoring can be forwarded to the client on Daily, Weekly or monthly basis.
By going for this option you get the following offering
1. Periodic reports on your brand and on your competitors.
2. Advice on how to approach any negative press in the media.
3. Interpretation of results from the monitoring.
4. Measurement of your brand’s reach, impact, analytics etc.

Interested? Send us an email through services[at]