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Whatch out for the Grand Debate – Feminisms


This month we will bring to you a special version of our online debates. For the first time, and probably, the  last, we are putting @nas009 and @ttaaggooee on the same platform to present their cases  for and against Feminisms. In the week of the 22nd Oct, you should expect to see these two bloggers come face-to-face on an issue they have debated debated for ages. Today at 2:33pm, the two debaters are expected to submit their addresses  on the BloGh blog for you to study and understand their opinions on this matter.

  • Debaters : @nas009, @ttaaggooee
  • Date : 22nd Oct 2013
  • Topic : Feminisms
  • Hashtag : #BeLieveUme
  • Referee : @BloggingGhana

This special edition of our online debate is sponsored by Blu Telecommunications. Blu is Ghana’s premier LTE telecommunications provider which makes it possible for you to get the most out of your social, personal and community interactions by providing internet at dramatic speeds. At the heart of this vibrant, proudly Ghanaian company is the desire for all Ghanaians to make the most of each moment through the power of technology.

You can follow the hashtag #BeLieveUme for more updates on this debate.


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